SunVote ezQuiz Solution

SunVote ezQuiz Solution is a light and easy to use communication tool for public & private K12 schools and higher education that can truly meet the regular applications of interactive teaching & learning.SunVote ezQuiz Solution can effectively foster students’ participation & discussion in class and help lecturers to collect class-wide performance and academic data in real time, building an exciting, interesting and relaxed learning environment!

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SunVote ezTest Solution

SunVote ezTest Solution helps instructors to easily organize in-class quizzes or high-stake examinations. The system could automatically collect answer data and count grades, saving a lot of time and effort for teachers. With SunVote Classroom Response Systems, every student’s in-class or post-class performance as well as learning progress can be tracked, analyzed and assessed instantly and dynamically. Make the students’ progress visible! Make the teaching evaluation quantitative!

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SunVote All-in-one Card Package

SunVote All-in-one Card Package, based on active RFID and 2.4G RF technology, is specially designed for "Safety Campus" & "Smart Classroom" solution providers & integrators of K12 public and private schools. It’s a comprehensive solution for collecting and managing big data of students' learning and school activities.

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About us

SunVote Limited was founded in 1998 and focused on Audience Response product solutions. We entered the field of education equipment in 2007 and exported the first batch of clickers to our education customer in Kazakhstan. Now SunVote Student Clicker has been widely used in various training institutions, K12 public and private schools in China and overseas. SunVote provides a variety of data collection methods for campus information management and classroom interactive feedback, including dedicated electronic clickers for batch tests, student clickers integrated with contactless attendance function, and voice clickers...

Facing the world, SunVote is not limited to ODM, OEM, SDK cooperation mode...We sincerely invite resellers and education solution integrators who are dedicated to the education equipment & conference audio-visual equipment industry to dig deeper into the market to meet the needs of more users and achieve a win-win situation.

Some basic facts about SunVote
  • >100 Projects
  • Participated in more than 100 educational projects.
  • >10,000 Schools
  • SunVote products are used by more than 10,000 public or private K12 schools and universities in global.
  • >50,000 Classrooms
  • SunVote worked with global partner networks to build over 50,000 interactive classrooms.
  • Who trust us
  • Cases
  • Interactive Student Response System - The Magic Tool for Peer-to-peer Teaching
    Nowadays, it is an inevitable trend to equip a Student Response System as a teachers teaching tool in the classrooms of major colleges and universities. This is especially the case when interactive whiteboards, short-throw projection screens, touch-screen
  • Student Clickers for Classroom Test & Stage Exam, Help Teachers Solve the Problem of Grading Papers
    Reviewing the previous examination methods : From a pen, a test paper, a group of students bending over the desk and writing , the teacher collects test papers for manual correction, to an answer sheet , a scoring machine, students fill scantron, scoring
  • How do interactive response systems support teachers use teaching method effectively in classroom?
    Interactive classroom response techniques can be traced back to 1960s, with dates dating back as early as 1970, when wired systems were used to generate feedback data. In 1996, Rice University first used wireless response clickers. By 2005, Harvards Agile
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