Annual meetings are often the HoA’s most important meetings of the year because it’s where homeowners are informed and updated about important board business and key association issues, such as finances, the status of current projects and plans for upcoming capital improvements. In traditional condo meetings, it’s not avoidable to meet following challenges:

  • 1. It takes hours for owners waiting in a queue for registration at entrance. Also it’s very complex and time consuming for the staff to verify every voter’s eligibility and vote weight. How to register every owner accurately & quickly?
  • 2. “Some owners should be avoided to vote on resolution 2! Some owners may delegate other representative to cast their votes…” Paper ballots are tedious to produce and process, especially when the meeting involved with hundreds to thousands people, and at same time we need to consider flexible rules! How to simplify the voting process and speed up votes counting process, in order to keep the meeting running efficiently?
  • 3. Homeowners need to wait till next day to view all the voting results and meeting minutes, causing the doubts of changing votes after the meeting, which will affect the authenticity and accuracy of the voting results. How to enable transparency of the voting and decision making process?
  • How we help

    SunVote Electronic Voting System for HoA is a secure, reliable and easy to use voting technology to release the heavy burden of condo annual meeting from its preparation to voting process. It greatly simplify the owner’s registration, speed up votes counting of resolution voting, streamline committee election, and automate documenting process, maximizing the efficiency and transparency for the condo meetings. The owners, the board and the property managers can all benefit from it throughout the meeting.

      1 Meeting Management
  • Instantly create meeting file and voting resolutions.
  • Easily import & manage owners, proxy and candidates list.
  • Meeting agendas and voting progress can be collectively displayed & browsed, ensuring a smooth and controllable meeting process.
      2 Homeowners’ registration
  • Register based on homeowners’ ID, quickly verify the owners’ or proxy’s eligibility and check the quorum, legal compliance!
  • Associate owners to a specific voting device via its unique ID/SN by a scanner machine! Nobody can register twice!
  • Need only 2-5s to register an owner, complete registration for any scale in 30mins!
      3 Resolution Voting
  • It supports weight voting, proxy voting, and authorized voting (avoid owners to vote on a specific resolution).
  • Homeowners touch YES/NO/Abstain buttons to cast votes. 1000 votes can be collected reliably within 20 seconds!
  • Voting results can be gained and viewed in graph or text instantly, promoting owners to discuss and make decisions onsite. It greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting!
      4 Committee Election
  • Each owner can quickly input his preferable candidates’ unique number to poll. Election results can be obtained and displayed in real time. No repeat or missing votes. It greatly streamlines the leadership election process!
      5 Reports tabulating
  • The system automatically generates auditable and detailed reports for instant review and verification for owners and auditors, giving a full and transparent record of the meeting without disputes, ensuring a fairer process!
    Why SunVote
    • Legal compliance
    • Developed with reference to the "Condo Law/ Condominium Act/Homeowner Associations Actions" in different countries.
    • Secure & Reliable
    • Based on independent communication protocol of SunVote, two-way data verification and multi-level error correction mechanism, encrypted transmission, secure & reliable!
    • Easy to Use 丨 Efficiency
    • ● Application functions designed based on the voting procedure of HoA’s meeting.
      ● Accessible user interfaces and intuitive operations for both administrators and owners.
      ● Save >80% time and costs on votes counting & reports tabulating.
    • Personalized customization
    • Support languages localization and functions fast developing, well meet the habits of local users.
    Proper models
    Full featured option
  • Voting Keypad
  • S52 Plus
  • Wireless Receiver
  • EA4000T
  • For Registration Table
  • Scanner
  • Software
  • SunVote EVS-HoA
  • Carry Bag
  • 100P
  • Entry level and cost effective option
  • Voting Keypad
  • M30
  • Wireless Receiver
  • EA4000T
  • For Registration Table
  • Scanner
  • Software
  • SunVote EVS-HoA
  • Carry Bag
  • 48P
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