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SunVote ezQuiz Solution can effectively foster students’ participation & discussion in class and help lecturers to collect class-wide performance and academic data in real time, building an exciting, interesting and relaxed learning environment!

    1 Increase Students’ Engagement

In traditional classroom there is a lack of interactive response technologies between teachers and students. Instructors face significant challenges in engaging every student in the lectures at a relaxed learning atmosphere.

SunVote ezQuiz Solution can assist lecturers to establish an effective and informative communication with their students. Teachers can organize students’ response to on-the-fly questions, randomly pick someone to answer, or conduct group competitions assigning a score for correct answers, or even hold classroom races, engaging every student and allowing all students to participate at once, and bringing the teacher and students closer.

    2 Visualize of Teaching Evaluation

On traditional classes, teachers always feel challenging to know if all the students are learning what they are teaching. Also, it’s hard to know exactly which students understand key concepts and which ones don’t, so that the teacher take actions to adjust the courseware.

Before class, teachers can grasp the current knowledge base of students through pre-assessment questions using SunVote ezQuiz Solution, so that the teacher can prepare his courseware better.

During class, teachers can pose single or a group of questions to learn students’ knowledge taking level. The real time obtained individual or group academic data helps the teacher to quickly figure out the academic situation, and effectively locate the students' difficult and error-prone points, and strengthen them.

After class, teachers can view and analyze reports by class, student, or question. The accumulated class performance reports facilitate the school to conduct objective and visualized evaluation of teaching effectiveness.

With SunVote Student Response System, the teacher will always know whether the students understand the course material or not and be in tune with the students’ progress at all times.

    3 Helping Every Teacher Devote to Teaching
         Motivating Every Student to Active Learning

“The school has already equipped up with a student response system, but it’s too complicated and time-consuming to set up an interactive classroom as the products are not systematically planned and designed from the demands source of teaching and learning. It has been put on the shelf after one time using!”

Maybe you’re suffering a bad experience with current solution the same as above case?

The SunVote ezQuiz Solution is compatible with any Windows OS computer or interactive whiteboard. It’s designed to ‘float’ over any application, free of installation, without importing questions and answers into the software. It can be used anytime at anywhere!

Teachers don’t need to change their existing lesson preparation habits. They only need to carry a small U disk with the system and go to any classroom to easily organize a wonderful interactive classroom.

    Quick Quiz,
  • Support to ask individual question including single choice, multiple choices, or judge question.
  • By using a designated responder as a teacher remote to control the software, it allows the teacher to interact with students while moving around the classroom.
  • The system helps to obtain total correct rate, answer distribution percentage as well as each student’s response details for instant analysis.
    • Easy Test,
  • Support to ask a group of questions including single choice, multiple choices or judge question, and correct answer to each question can be set in pre-testing.
  • Students are allowed to give response to each question at their own pace.
  • The system will auto-generate total correct rate, answer distribution percentage as well as individual ranking by score for tracking the progress.
    • Fun Race,
  • Support to conduct small groups or class wide Rush Answer or Quiz Game.
  • Support single choice, multiple choices and judge for Quiz Game.
  • The system will auto-generate total correct rate, answer distribution percentage as well as Group ranking by score.
    Why SunVote
    • Reliable
    • Based on independent communication protocol of SunVote, two-way data verification and multi-level error correction mechanism, encrypted transmission, accurate & reliable!
    • Support 80 channels, meeting scale using in different classrooms at the same time without interference.
    • Easy to Use
    • Relying on extremely simple IT environment, the system can be operated with a classroom computer or interactive whiteboard, easy to maintain!
    • Intuitive and user friendly UI design, teachers are free from complex new technologies learning, and they can focus more time on teaching.
    • Cost Effective
    • Used by more than 10 million users from 100 countries around the world!
    • More than 20 years’ industry experience, we’ve been working on innovative technologies and production management optimization to reduce the comprehensive cost of products to provide a competitive price for our customers.
    Proper models
    Full featured option
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  • Wireless Receiver
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  • Entry level and most cost effective option
  • Student Clicker
  • M30
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  • Software
  • SunVote ezQuiz
  • Keeping Bag
  • 15P bag
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