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SunVote ezTest Solution helps instructors to easily organize in-class quizzes or high-stake examinations. The system could automatically collect answer data and count grades, saving a lot of time and effort for teachers. With SunVote Classroom Response Systems, every student’s in-class or post-class performance as well as learning progress can be tracked, analyzed and assessed instantly and dynamically. Make the students’ progress visible! Make the teaching evaluation quantitative!

    1 Preview Quizzes

Before teaching on a course or a particular topic, the teacher requires students to complete reading before class so that they can quickly learn from it when they participate in class discussions. One effective way to encourage students to complete the reading before class is to use the SunVote ezTest Solution to conduct a preview quiz. The teacher could ask several questions through the system, to collect and evaluate students’ answers quickly, explore students’ background knowledge and understand students’ interests in the upcoming teaching topics. Based on the obtained real time feedback the teacher could optimize the curriculum arrangement as per students’ learning needs.

    2 In-class Quizzes

In class, when the teacher finishes a unit or topic every 10-15 minutes, he can easily organize in-class quizzes by SunVote Student Response System and initiate a group of topic-related questions to understand students' retention level. Students use the handheld clicker to submit answers at their own pace. The system automatically grades on the quiz according to the preset correct answers and points, and instantly counts the correct rate of each question. For the error-prone options and the questions that most students answered wrong, the teacher could explain deeply to help the students to consolidate them in time.

    3 Homework Quizzes

At the end of one class session, the instructor might give students a set of questions to answer as homework before the next class session. Students can hold their own clicker at home and enter the answer to each question in offline mode. When they return to the classroom the next day and the teacher connects the Receiver to the system, the answer results stored on the clickers would be automatically uploaded to SunVote Classroom Response System after students turn on their clickers. Homework quizzes would be graded without manual intervention. The teacher can choose to send correct answers to the clickers, so that students can proofread by themselves. It could effectively help students to review and consolidate the knowledge, and help the teacher to save time and energy in grading.

SunVote Easy Exam System supports single choice, multiple choices, judge, numeric, covering homework for 9 subjects.

Without using SunVote Easy Test System with automatic grading and record-keeping features, in-class quizzes or homework often need to be graded and analyzed manually between classes, delaying the review of the material to the subsequent class sessions, whereas the students’ perspectives on the quiz questions are not fresh.

    4 High-stake exams

SunVote Classroom Response Systems with student-paced modes can also be used to facilitate longer assessments, such as mid-term or final examinations or other summative assessments, quickly evaluating students’ learning through graded activities and checking if the teaching goals of each subject has finally reached or not.

    Before test
  • the teacher could import the test questions and the student’s roster to the system, and set test time & correct answers and points for each question.
    • To start the test
  • the teacher just need one click in the system. Students take the printed copy of the exam paper and use the handheld clicker to answer questions at their own pace. The system allows to skip one question to answer or return to modify and then submit.
    • When the test time is up
  • the system will automatically collect answer results, and summarize & count students’ test score and rankings, which greatly improves the speed and efficiency of teaching work.
  • The SunVote ezTest Solution can be run independently as a set of small tool. It can also be seamlessly integrated with the schools’ Online Course Management System, Education Management System or Learning Management System etc. to realize the creation, sharing and overall management of student information, question bank resources and test grade book.

    The system could generate multi-dimensional analysis reports by classes or by subjects according to the learning data accumulated in the examinations, helping the teacher to track the learning curve of each student, and providing data support for the visualization of student progress. It also provides a more comprehensive and scientific basis for schools and teachers in academic analysis, teaching research and teaching improvement!

    Why SunVote
    • Reliable
    • Based on independent communication protocol of SunVote, two-way data verification and multi-level error correction mechanism, encrypted transmission, accurate & reliable!
    • Support 80 channels, meeting scale using in different classrooms at the same time without interference.
    • Easy to Use
    • Relying on extremely simple IT environment, the system can be operated with a classroom computer or interactive whiteboard, easy to maintain!
    • Intuitive and user friendly UI design, teachers are free from complex new technologies learning, and they can focus more on teaching.
    • Cost Effective
    • Used by more than 10 million users from 100 countries around the world!
    • More than 20 years’ industry experience, we’ve been working on innovative technologies and production management optimization to reduce the comprehensive cost of products to provide a competitive price for our customers.
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