SunVote All-in-one Card Package

SunVote All-In-One Campus Card Package, include student campus card or wristbands, RFID attendance reader, 2.4G classroom receiver and API. It's a hardware product package for integrator like Student Attendance, Safety Campus, School ERP, School Learning Management System provider etc., to add attendance, classroom interactive response, examination, cashless consumption to their solution.

    Automate & Smart Recording Student Attendance at School Gate

Check whether the students arrive at school in time or not, avoid student bunking, and avoid accident on road to school are always challenges for both school and parents.

With SunVote All-In-One Package, student can carry their cards to enter and exit school. The attendance reader will collect attendance information and send to cloud server in real time. After integrating notification application from third party, school administrators and parents can get notification when students arrive at school.

Compared with manual record attendance and passive RFID card system, SunVote All-In-One Card is Contactless, Automatic, No Swiping and No Queuing.

    How it works?

• Each card has a unique serial number, to correspond to the student's information Distribute the cards to the students one by one.

    2.Install School Gate Attendance Reader
    3.Auto Record Student Attendance

• Each reader includes 1 main reader and 2 sub-readers. The sub-reader is to collect card information based on 2.4G radio frequency technology, and the main reader calculates the In or Out attendance result based on its built-in algorithm.

    4.Upload The Attendance Results to The Cloud Server

• The main reader can upload the attendance results to the cloud server via TCP/IP or 4G.

    Enhance Student Safety Management – School Bus Tracking

Student safety inside or outside of the school has been a top priority for school authorities, teachers and parents.

With Vehicle RFID Reader installed on the school bus and students wear SunVote active RFID cards or wristbands, the integrated School Bus Tracking Systems could accurately record the time & position of each student’s getting on or off the bus, automatically track the school bus number & routes. The school authorities, transport managers or parents could get real-time updates about their students’ boarding or de-boarding status. Mishaps and other emergencies can be got instantly so that making sure their students arrive or leave the school safely.

    How it works?

• Printing and providing RFID cards to students. Each card has unique identification to keep student’s name, picture and contact information.

    2.Auto Tracking

• Mounting a Vehicle Reader with built-in RFID, GPS and 4G modules on the school bus.

• Students just need to carry their RFID card to board or de-board the vehicle as usual. The Reader would actively recognize and collect the students’ information and transmit the attendance data together to the Bus Tracking Systems.

    3.Efficient Recording

• The Bus Tracking System would record when and where each student board or de-board the vehicle, and keep administrators, teachers or parents updated timely.

• At the same time, it could track the trips and routes of school bus in real time using GPS technology.

    Enhance Student Safety Management – Student Movement Tracking

With Regional Positioning RFID Reader installed in different areas of the school and students wear SunVote RFID tags, the integrated Student Movement Tracking Systems automatically tracks the students’ movements within range of the read-zone, and accurately record the time & location of each student’s entry or exit of a specific area. If the students enter into a dangerous location or an un-authorized area, a real time alert would be triggered and the system can instantly send a message to the administrator for necessary actions and help to reduce accidents.

    How it works?

• Printing and providing RFID cards to students. Each card has unique identification to keep student’s name, picture and contact information.

    2.Simple Configuration

• Install Regional Positioning RFID Readers in school buildings, playgrounds, labs, halls, swimming pools or any other necessary areas.

• Configure the Sub-Readers in each area according to the read- zone (between 0.5 & 80 meters) you want to detect.

    3.Auto Tracking

• When a student wears a RFID tags (cards or wristbands) and moves within or around the site where is covered by the Sub-Readers, the unique ID of tags are read by the Sub-Reader which wirelessly transmit the ID of the tags to a central RFID Reader.

• The central RFID Readers connect to the software located on a network server. The system monitors the time and location of all students in real time.

    Build Smart Cashless School

Traditional cash transaction in school always brings following challenges.

• Students have to wait in a long queue to pay by cash at the peak period.

• School staffs have to collect and deal manually with the cash flow for the school where may have thousands of students so the process would be super time and cost consuming!

Integrating SunVote 13.56Mhz tags and RFID scanners with your Electronic Fee Collection System, making the school payment process much easier and faster, bringing smooth purchasing experience to students and saving time & money for school administration!

With RFID Scanner machine installed in canteens, convenient stores or labs of the school, and students wear SunVote 13.56Mhz RFID Tags for shopping or book borrowing in school. They are required to touch their smart cards with the fixed RFID scanners or portals to mark their consumption. The consumption details could be real time uploaded to the integrated Electronic Fee Collection Systems and daily, monthly or custom accounting reports can be generated without manual intervention, saving a lot of job for school staffs and helping the parents to know their children’s consumption behavior and then guide them to form a good consumption habit.

    Easy Configuration

• Printing and providing 13.56 MHz RFID cards to students.

• Install RFID scanner in canteens, shops, labs or any other necessary places.

    2.Instant Payment

• Students wear their 13.56 MHz RFID Tags and touch their smart cards with the fixed RFID scanners or portals to mark their consumption.

    Create Interactive Classrooms & Active Learning!

School educators face significant challenges in encouraging wider participation, understanding if their students are learning what they’re teaching and knowing exactly which students understand key concepts and which ones don’t in the classes.

Integrating SunVote Student Response Clickers & Receiver based on 2.4G RF technology to your Students Response Systems or Classroom Response Systems which can work with whiteboards or computers installed MS PowerPoint. Every classroom is mounted with a 2.4G RF Receiver. Students carry their associated clicker to attend classes. The teacher can enable the system in their computer, to engage and empower students of any size by organizing Quick Quiz, Easy Tests and Fun Contests, etc., real time feedback and post-session reports could help the teacher to increase student engagement and assess student knowledge.

By this perfect integrated Interactive Learning System, enhancing classroom interactivity, building an active learning environment, and improving the effectiveness of the pedagogy would be easily achieved!

    How it works?

1.The teacher polls a question through the Student Response System.

2.Students respond via their handheld clickers in real time.

3.Show & Share response results immediately.

4.Export response reports after class.

Proper models
  • Smart Student Card
  • S62
  • Base Station
  • KQ300D、KQ-D1
  • Classroom Receiver
  • CRS100
  • SunVote SDK package.
  • SDK
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