Using occasions

SunVote Audience Response Solution is widely applicable for various meetings and events, such as

  • Opinion Survey
    Market Research
    Staff satisfaction survey
  • Business Meetings
    Sales Meeting
    Focusing Group
    Experts review
  • Associations and forums
    Medical seminar or symposia
    Industry summit
    Academic Forum
  • Marketing activities
    Trade shows
    Besiness Roadshows
    Products launshes
  • How we help

    When doing surveys or market research, you'll find SunVote Audience Response System is such a great tool which brings benefits as follows.

      1 Engage participants positively

    In previous conferences or presentations, did you suffer difficulties in participants’ interaction and having them concentrated on your speeches for a long time? When meeting begins, with SunVote Audience Response System the speaker could easily prepare some open-ended questions to survey participants’ background, opinions or their preference topics. Audience use their wireless keypads to interact with the speaker at a free environment in real time and everyone is fully involved in the meeting. During the meeting, the speaker could post questions on the fly, then capture audience feedback and analyze group’s response immediately, to promote discussion and reach consensus.

  • Creating interactive survey slides by MS PowerPoint plug in software easily.
  • Rich questions types including choices, judge, sequence, score, numeric, text, voting, and election, etc.
  • Multiple response forms such as Audience Polling, Judge Scoring, Rush Answer, Grouping Voting, etc.
      2 Collect feedback honestly

    “Hands on” style response is easy for people to follow crowd’s trend and makes audience fear of expressing their true opinions on some sensitive topics. SunVote Interactive Response System empower participants with an anonymous response without any group pressure or influence. It’s an ideal tool helping the organizer to gather honest and valuable feedback.

  • Support onymous or anonymous polling and specific confidential submission mode.
  • Support demographic comparison on different topics during or after meeting session.
      3 Improve efficiency greatly

    Did you ever meet the awkward of spending tremendous time on the creation, printing, distribution and collection of paper-based surveys for the participants? Did you have challenge in complex manual statistic and detailed reports compiling after meeting, so you need to spend a week to get the survey results? With SunVote Audience Engagement System, it's easy to get a rapid feedback in graphic format from thousands of participants within minutes. You can begin your comprehensive analysis quickly and promote interactive discussion to get more new ideas or insights from the audience groups. Greatly shorten the meeting process and improve the efficiency!

  • 100% Microsoft PowerPoint compatible, easy to set up and configure, suitable for any scale of events with dozens to thousands of participants.
  • Suitable for single-venue or multiple-venues events.
      4 Evaluate effectiveness objectively

    After meeting, SunVote Audience Response System generates visualized multi-dimensional analysis reports and automatically saves them to the database in real time, which facilitates future cross-month, cross-quarter and cross-year data comparative analysis and research, tracks the trend changing of different audience groups. It helps organizers to make strategic decisions more efficiently, maximize understanding of the market, improve existing products and services, launch new products, and obtain market opportunities faster.

    Why SunVote
    • Accurate & Reliable
    • Based on independent communication protocol of SunVote, two-way data verification and multi-level error correction mechanism, encrypted transmission, accurate & reliable!
    • Efficient
    • 2000 participants’ responses can be reliably collected within 30s Support up to 5000 participants poll at the same time Instantly display polling results and generate multi-dimensional reports
    • Easy to Use
    • ● Compatible with Windows OS (Windows XP / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 )
      ● Seamless integrated into MS PowerPoint Support up to 17 languages, and support importing questions in templates.
      ● Accessible user interfaces and intuitive operations. Plug & Play!
    • Personalized customization
    • Support languages localization and functions fast developing, well meet the habits of local users.
    Proper models
    Solution for small to medium sized conferences or events
  • Voting Keypad
  • S52 Plus
  • Remote
  • R52
  • Wireless Receiver
  • EA4000T
  • Software
  • SunVote ARS PPT
  • Carry Bag
  • 100P
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