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SunVote Interactive Polling & Scoring Solution is widely applicable for Entertainment Contests / TV Shows / Talent Shows / Singer Contests / Dancer Contests / Beauty Contests / Awards Ceremonies…

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    SunVote Interactive Polling & Scoring Solution is such a great tool to boost audience's enthusiasm & participation, bring more fun and exceed your expectations!

      1 Get audience support rate instantly

    As an event organizer, have you ever suffered the awkward situation which lacks enthusiasm and interaction between the host and onsite audience? How to encourage audience participation and reach an eye-catching effect and passionate atmosphere in your live events? Did you need to spend hours to collect & count audiences’ polling votes?

    Adopting SunVote Interactive Polling & Scoring Solution, you’re allowed to pre-define customized images for each show or player for polling. When a show is performed on the stage, the host invites audience to vote by their wireless voting keypads. The real time updated voting results for each show or player is visible in graph format immediately.

    After all shows have been performed and voted, the individual or team winner can be displayed on the projector without waiting, creating a happy and tense atmosphere.

    It can boost audience's enthusiasm & participation, bring more fun and exceed your expectations!

      2 Gather Judges' ratings fast

    At the event site, manual paper scoring is super time-consuming. Also it is complex to set different voting weight for judges or perform scoring with complicated rules.

    SunVote Interactive Polling & Scoring System, with a cool interface design, simple to operate, and strong practicable feature, has been tested as an efficient tool for Judges’ rating during various contests.

    Pre-event you could set rating or scoring rules and set personalized photos for each player in the system. Onsite judges start polling for each player by their wireless remote control. Scoring results per individual and ranking of winners can be obtained and displayed immediately when voting stops, giving onsite audience a strong visual experience, and reflecting a fairer process of the competitions. Enliven cheerful atmosphere and bring more fun for your entertainment games such as TV shows, singer contests, beauty contests or talent shows, etc.

    Why SunVote
    • Accurate & Reliable
    • Based on independent communication protocol of SunVote, two-way data verification and multi-level error correction mechanism, encrypted transmission, accurate & reliable!
    • Efficient
    • 2000 participants’ responses can be reliably collected within 30s Support up to 5000 participants poll at the same time Instantly display polling results and generate multi-dimensional reports
    • Interactive
    • ● SunVote Interactive Polling & Scoring system, with cool voting interface design, encourages audiences’ participation and obtains instant competition results.
      ● Bring more fun and high popularity for your onsite game shows!
    • Personalized customization
    • Support languages localization and functions fast developing, well meet the habits of local users.
    Proper models
    Solution for small to medium sized events
  • Voting Keypad
  • S52 Plus
  • Wireless Receiver
  • EA4000T
  • Software
  • SunVote Polling & Scoring
  • Carry Bag
  • 100P
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