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SunVote Interactive Response System is popular in various training scenarios such as, Sales Staff Training, Employee Orientation Programs or On-the-Job Training, Safety training, Regulation Training, CME programs, etc.

  • How we help

    SunVote Interactive Learning Solution is a proven effective tool to create relaxed training and learning atmosphere, to fully engage trainees, turn passive learning to active learning, improve trainees’ knowledge retention and objectively evaluate effect of the training.

      1Expand Participation

    SunVote Interactive Training System encourages trainees to express their real voice in an interactive learning environment, especially help those shy trainees to overcome their fear of rejection by using handheld keypads to voice their opinions.

    SunVote Interactive Response System allows the trainer to ask prepared questions or add questions on the fly. Trainees answer at a relaxed atmosphere by SunVote clicker. The trainer can compare the results without waiting. It's such a great tool for trainees to share knowledge and offer suggestions, without monopolizing the trainer’s time or pushing their opinions on others.

  • Support multiple question types including choices, judge, rush answer, scoring, numeric, text, voting, etc.
      2Increase Knowledge Retention

    On traditional training sessions, only a small group of trainees been called have chances to answer questions, and the trainer could get only a few feedback and learning situation in limited time.

    By SunVote Trainees Response System, the lecturer can pose questions to pre-assess the group’s knowledge level, and prepare a more customized training program.

    During training, the lecturer play question slides by the MS PowerPoint based plug in while every trainee answer by their voting keypads. The instant gained response data allows the lecturer to assess trainees’ understanding quickly, and to identify topics that are challenging trainees so more focus can be given to it.

    In addition, trainees could well understand their own learning status well in a non-threatening environment, which will greatly enhance their confidences & interests. Convert passive trainees into active learners.

  • Support multiple response forms such as grouping, rush answer, random roll call.
  • Support anonymous or onymous response mode, and system can be flexibly configured.
      3Improve Training Efficiency

    After training, SunVote Interactive Training System will automatically generate multi-dimensional analysis reports, saving a lot of time & energy on manual statistics for instructors.

    The overall or individual reports that aligned trainees with their answers, scores and other keypad activities, help instructors to review and compare the effectiveness of pre-training and post-training, and quickly adjust training styles depending on trainees’ learning preferences.

    At the end, the instructor could invite their trainees to give appraisal on their training contents, style or other aspects. With the immediate feedback, he could gauge which training or developing plans are valuable & welcome for trainees, so that he can improve the training program.

  • Support data analysis such as correct rate, option comparison, and demographic comparison.
  • Support team or individual ranking according to preset score rules, individual and overall achievements.
    Why SunVote
    • Accurate & Reliable
    • Based on independent communication protocol of SunVote, two-way data verification and multi-level error correction mechanism, encrypted transmission, accurate & reliable!
    • Efficient
    • 2000 participants’ responses can be reliably collected within 30s Support up to 5000 participants poll at the same time Instantly display polling results and generate multi-dimensional reports
    • Easy to Use
    • ● Compatible with Windows OS ( Windows XP / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 )
      ● Seamless integrated into MS PowerPoint Support up to 17 languages, and support importing questions in templates.
      ● Accessible user interfaces and intuitive operations. Plug & Play!
    • Personalized customization
    • Support languages localization and functions fast developing, well meet the habits of local users.
    Proper models
    Solution for trainings held in big venue or with large number of participants
  • Voting Keypad
  • S52 Plus
  • Remote
  • R52
  • Wireless Receiver
  • E100
  • Software
  • SunVote ARS PPT
  • Carry Bag
  • 60P | 30P
  • Solution for small to medium sized trainings
  • Voting Keypad
  • M30
  • Remote
  • R52
  • Wireless Receiver
  • E100
  • Software
  • SunVote ARS PPT
  • Carry Bag
  • 48P | 24P
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