Cooperation Plan

Based on the win-win cooperation concept, SunVote opens technical interfaces and product platforms to industry partners who have educational customer resources & Secondary Development capabilities, and fully assists the partners in developing complete solutions such as Interactive Classroom Solutions, RFID Student Attendance Systems, School Bus Tracking Solutions, Student Safety Tracking Solutions inside school based on a wide range of innovative products like SunVote Student Clickers, Voice Response Clickers, Smart Student Cards, etc. SunVote is looking forward to working closely with the partners to bring customers with best choices, expanding business related to Interactive Classroom, Smart Campus, Safety Campus and sharing the value of ecological industry.

Partner types include but not limited to
    1. Education Digitalization and Informatization Solution Providers
  • Such as Smart Classroom Integrators, Student Response Clicker-based Exam or Testing Software Providers.
    • 2. One-stop Solution Providers of Learning Contents & Technologies and Educational Cloud-based Platforms
  • Such as Learning Management System (LMS),Learning Content Management System, Adaptive Learning Platform, Assessment Systems, School ERP Solution, etc.
    • 3. IoT-based Safety Campus Solution Providers
  • Such as RFID Student Attendance Solution, Student Safety Tracking Solutions, etc.
  • Market Position
    Application scenarios
  • Face to Face Interactive Classroom
  • Double Teachers Interactive Classroom
  • Smart Student Cards
  • Products recommendation
  • Interactive Student Response Clickers

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  • Smart Student Cards

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  • Cooperation Mode

    SunVote provides complete SDK & demo and technical service to support you to independently develop or integrate the application solutions based on SunVote hardware.

    ● Support Windows/Mac/Linux/IOS/Android OS

    ● C++/JAVA/C#/Delphi Languages available

    Possible cooperation modes after successful development:
  • Brands Cooperation
  • Based on the professionalism of mutual parties in our respective fields, we can build an in-depth brands cooperation, rapidly integrating customer resources and sales channels, to quickly add value to both parties’ businesses.
  • ODM Partners
  • Based on SunVote's mature hardware products, SunVote can perform customization of brands, products’ appearance, and firmware functions, helping you to obtain market pricing advantages and complete brand transformation quickly.
  • OEM Partners
  • Based on your own brand and product design, SunVote can provide new products developing and manufacturing services, helping you to keep exclusive product models and appearances, and gain unique advantages in brand competition.
  • Cooperation Advantages
    Reputation Guarantee
  • • Global famous brand

    • 22 years’ industry experience

    • Cover >100 countries, up to 10,000,000 users

    • Adhere to integrity and win-win business conception

    Products Support
  • • Classroom Interaction / Voices Assessment / Quick Quiz and Tests / Classroom Races, applicable for various scenes and applications.

    • Reliable/easy to use/cost-effective product options, meeting large-scale and regular applications, and can effectively participate in projects bidding.

    Commercial Support
  • • Sharing free SDK resources and supporting service

    • Sharing business opportunities & customer resources

    • Projects cooperation

    • Joint marketing & promotion, to help partners to achieve success in the cooperated market

    Training Support
  • Dedicated one-to-one development support, complete development documentation support and remote debugging support, to help partners to successfully complete the development and integration of the solutions.

    Successful Story
  • Interactive Student Response System - The Magic Tool for Peer-to-peer Teaching
    Nowadays, it is an inevitable trend to equip a Student Response System as a teachers teaching tool in the classrooms of major colleges and universities. This is especially the case when interactive whiteboards, short-throw projection screens, touch-screen
  • Student Clickers for Classroom Test & Stage Exam, Help Teachers Solve the Problem of Grading Papers
    Reviewing the previous examination methods : From a pen, a test paper, a group of students bending over the desk and writing , the teacher collects test papers for manual correction, to an answer sheet , a scoring machine, students fill scantron, scoring
  • How do interactive response systems support teachers use teaching method effectively in classroom?
    Interactive classroom response techniques can be traced back to 1960s, with dates dating back as early as 1970, when wired systems were used to generate feedback data. In 1996, Rice University first used wireless response clickers. By 2005, Harvards Agile
  • Cooperation Flow
  • Intension submission
  • Collaboration communication
  • Sample Testing & Secondary Development
  • Pilot Testing & Verification
  • Marketing & Promoting
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