• S6
  • Student Clicker
  • Credit card size, classic and high performance classroom clickers! Light & portable, full featured! Instant Q&A promotes students to a "Think-Response-Share" active learning model, creating a relaxed and enjoyable interactive classroom. Launching quick tests before and after the class can help the teachers to understand students’ academic situation in real time.
      Basic Parameters
  • Dimension: 94mm*54mm*8mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 37g inclusive of batteries
  • Battery: 2 x CR2032 Button batteries
  • Option: 15 buttons
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  • Product feature
    • Full featured, high cost performance!
  • Support 10 options’ single choice/multiple choices/sequence, judge, numeric, scoring, voting, etc.
  • Support multiple interactive responses including Quick Quiz, Polling, Rush Answer, Random roll call, and Standard Testing.
  • Support appearance personalized customization, over 1,000,000 users in more than 100 countries, high cost performance!
    • Reliable & Durable!
  • 2.4G RF technology, two-way data verification, multi-level error correction mechanism, secure & reliable!
  • 80 channels available, anti-interference effectively, collecting votes reliably, 100 votes 100% collected in 5 seconds within 30M range!
  • Adopting 2 x CR2032 coin cell batteries, continuous working hours > 250 hours.
  • Membrane buttons support > 500,000 pressing.
  • Base Stations and Accessories
    • Receiver - B100
    • 2.4Ghz RF wireless technology
    • Range <30M
    • Each USB Receiver supports up to 100 keypads
    • Can be powered by USB cable
      Keeping Bag for S6 Keypads
    • Capacity: 100P / 60P / 30P / 15P per bag
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