Successful application of SunVote electronic voting system in Chenzhou Municipal People's Congress

On the morning of January 10, 2017, the first meeting of the fifth Chenzhou Municipal People's Congress ended in Tian Han grand theater. The meeting adopted the SunVote wireless electronic voting system and passed on a number of resolutions by the way of electronic voting ,including the Chenzhou Municipal People's government work report resolution , Chenzhou City People's court work report resolution and so on ,which promoted the success of the meeting! Because the number of participants and voting on matters of the meeting is more, it put forward higher requirements for stability ,accuracy and efficiency of the electronic voting system. In order to ensure this conference successfully held ,Zhongtian electronic sent professional technical support personnel assigned to the venue to provide technical services for the meeting and full escort. After the meeting, the relevant leaders gave a high degree of evaluation of the product quality, technical excellence and professional service.

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