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SunVote LTD., from China, the Original Manufacturer of Student Clicker, and you can get the best Student Response Systems which suits your Interactive Classroom from SunVote.

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SunVote Student Clicker, which is used in the classroom to help the teacher get instant response from the students of how the teachers is teaching, if the students understood what the teacher is teaching.

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The Student Response System is very simple to use. The teacher will give questions by PowerPoint, And all the students will answer the question by use of Student Response Clicker, press A, B, C or D. The teacher will get the results of all the students instantly, and he can figure out whether all the students understood what he was teaching or not.

By means of that, the teacher will arrange his teaching contents in more efficient way.

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Engagivate Students!

Assessimize Understanding!

Trackify Student Progress!

Easify Education!

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