SunVote student response clickers is a great engagement tool during class

Student response systems are instructional technologies that allow teachers to rapidly collect and analyze Student Responses to questions posed during class.  

SunVote response systems are typically used in the following manner.  

First, teacher poses a question, often a multiple choice question to the students. The students think about the question and submit their responses to the questions using handheld Wireless Keypad, usually called Student Clickers(Student Remote), which often look like television remote controls, and beam signals to a receiving device attached to the teacher’s classroom computer.

Software on the computer produces a bar chart showing the distribution of student answers. Teachers then use these results to decide how to proceed during class: having students engage in small group or class wide discussions on the question at hand, moving on to the next topic if the results indicate students are ready or something else entirely.

What teachers said about student response system after International business class, at an university in peru?

"With SunVote Student Clicker, all students participate actively during the lecture showing a lot of interest in my class",

"SunVote Clicker is a great tool to engage students and create interesting debates during class".

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