Application of Class Interactive Teaching System in Military Theory Course of Hunan University

In Hunan University military theory classroom, students have a small green tool in hands. This tool can not only help fast roll call, but can also have an interactive response with teachers. Let's have an experience on its role in class. 

In the class, once the question comes out on PPT, the student response system "start" immediately, then all students start to answer the questions with the small green tool. Within 1 minute, the answer of nearly 100 students displayed on the PPT. It is clear at a glance that which students not grasp the knowledge well and which students sneak off not answer questions. 

This green tool is called classroom clickers. its real purpose is to let the teacher understand the level of knowledge of students grasped to adjust the teaching schedule. In the Class, through different types of questions and students 'immediate feedback results, the teacher can not only be more targeted answer questions or explain knowledge points, but also attract students' attention to positive thinking every question, so as to improve the teaching quality. 

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