what are the necessary components in a modern electronic voting system?

With the development of modern science and technology, information technology has been integrated into all walks of life. As an alternative and improvement to traditional voting work, the electronic voting system for meetings (also can be called city council electronic voting system, meeting voting system, and conference voting system) is undoubtedly a major advance in the field of voting. More and more electronic voting system projects have emerged, the purpose of which is to increase participation, speed up vote counting, reduce the cost of manual vote counting, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings. Nowadays, the electronic voting system for meetings has been widely used on various occasions, such as Opinion Poll, Market Research, City Council Meetings, Corporate Annual General Meetings, Shareholders Meetings, Condominium meetings, Academic Forums, CME & Medical Symposia, Industry Summits and so on. To help to engage attendees, quickly collect feedback data and report poll results, and improve the efficiency and efficiency of meetings and events.

So what does a modern electronic voting system for meetings consist of?

Most of the time, the electronic voting system for meetings refers to the voting system set. It consists of hardware and software, which includes handheld voting keypads, USB receiver, voting software and carry case.

Voting Keypads, usually refers to electronic voting keypads, something like a TV remote control, is designed for easy use with multiple-choice questions (A, B, C, D, E, and F answer options), true/false questions, and yes/no/ Abstain questions. Each participant has a voting keypad in hand, and they only need to press the button on the voting keypad to complete the vote. After submitting the votes, the screen of the device will show the votes, and then display the letter "OK" to confirm that the system has counted the votes. It completely replaces raising hands and paper voting, making it easier and more convenient for participants to vote or answer questions. It supports anonymous and ononymous voting. For some sensitive topics, the anonymous voting function of the electronic voting system for meetings can help attendees express their opinions freely without fear and worry, while ononymous voting enables open and transparent voting when using the City Council electronic voting system.

USB Receiver, connects to your computer via USB and receives voting data via 2.4G RF technology from the voting keypad and sends it to the voting software installed in the computer, no internet or WiFi connection is required. It is a plug-and-play solution, the transmission distance ranging from 30m-100m, Each USB Receiver supports up to 400 or even 2000 voting keypads.

Voting Software, a PowerPoint plug-in or an independent voting software, which needs to be installed on the computer. It is mainly responsible for processing voting data, instantly recording and presenting voting results and voting analysis data in the form of graphs, hiding it until voting closes, and finally displaying the voting results on a large screen. So that participants can see how votes are recorded for greater transparency.

The carry case, mainly used to store voting equipment, easy to keep and carry.

advantages of electronic voting system

1. Collect the real opinions of the audience

The first advantage of the electronic voting system is that it uses proprietary voting devices, does not disclose any personal information, and the secret ballot and confidential submission modes allow attendees to put aside their concerns and worries and boldly express their true ideas and opinions on any topic discussed at the meeting to help organizers get the most valuable feedback data.

2. Speed up the voting process

the second advantage of the electronic voting system is that it completely realizes automated voting, it can quickly and accurately collect all votes and summarize statistics within 10 seconds. The voting results can be instantly displayed on-site in intuitive charts, voting reports, and roll call reports can also be easily generated and exported, shortening the meeting process and greatly improving the meeting effectiveness!

3. Less cost and higher efficiency    

the third advantage of the electronic voting system is that it eliminates the use of paper documents and manual vote counting by automating the entire voting process, voting is anonymous and votes are counted electronically, which helps organizers save time and money they would otherwise spend managing physical voting, while reducing manual errors, such as incorrect registration of participant details or incorrect vote counting.

4. Easy to set up and use

Electronic voting system for meetings is super easy to set up, no WiFi or internet is needed, suitable for anywhere. Intuitive voting operation, simple and accessible user interfaces for different aged participants and administrator to get started quickly.

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