Cases study
  • Successful application of SunVote electronic voting system in Chenzhou Municipal People's Congress
    On the morning of January 10, 2017, the first meeting of the fifth Chenzhou Municipal Peoples Congress ended in Tian Han grand theater. The meeting adopted the SunVote wireless electronic voting system and passed on a number of resolutions by the way of e
  • SunVote audience response system escort 2016 Huawei Vientiane broadband forum
    On November 30, 2016,Huawei Vientiane broadband forum was held in Laos.As a leader in the electronic voting industry, SunVote provides audience reponse system for the forum, and arrange technical personnel to provide technical service, fully escorted for
  • SunVote interactive response system used in National Defense University Alumni Association
    "If you are in, the youth is not scattered","green hill in, man is not old, classmate affection is strong", In recent years ,homecoming has always been very popular, recalling the past time and thick love among classmates. Recently , N
  • SunVote interactive response system is used for the American Chamber of Commerce debate
    Recently, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai held a interactive and engaging debate . SunVote interactive response system provided fast and efficient interactive voting tools for the debate, gathering voting information with the second speed and
  • SunVote electronic voting system has been successfully applied to Beijing Academy of Social Sciences
    Recently, the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences held a "research project selection" activities for the first time to enable SunVote wireless electronic voting system for voting and has achieved a complete success.
  • SunVote wireless voting system used in Hunan Province Women and Children Hospital
    In June,a job interview and practical on-site examination score held by the Maternal and child health care hospital of Hunan Province have been successfully came to a close.In the process of the interview assessment ,SunVote scoring system played an impor
  • SunVote electronic voting system used in the Haitian Group
    The Haitian Group, the third party congress of CPC used SunVote electronic voting system for electing members of the party and the secretary of the party committee, this is also the first time that the Haitian group using electronic voting to vote on the
  • ABInBev conference also use the SunVote voting system!
    ABInBev had been torn in two voting scheme:using the mobile phone or electronic voting system, the SunVote wireless electronic voting system immediately started after the failure of the mobile phone, now ABInBev beer has applied SunVote voting system succ
  • Zeguo Town People's Congress took the lead in using SunVote voting keypad
    On March 5th, the 8th meeting of the 16th peoples Congress held as scheduled in Zhejiang ZeGuo Town.The NPC is different from previous years, it adopted the SunVote electronic voting system. This shape similar to the phones voting device, not only for mee
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