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  • See how the voting keypad fancy company annual meeting!
    Nearing the end of 2018, the annual meetingseason comes again. The various annual conferences are also emerged...As a major event for enterprises, the annualmeeting is not only a reunion dinner for the big family of enterprises, butalso a look back at the
  • How does the company's annual meeting use the audience response system for satisfaction surveys?
    SunVote has been focusing on Audience Response System application development for 20 years. It has used Voting Pads to conduct employee satisfaction surveys for over 10 years. Feedback data obtained in every quarter and year has helped management...
  • Get the best Student Response Systems which suits your Interactive Classroom!
    SunVote LTD., from China, the Original Manufacturer of Student Clicker, and you can get the best Student Response Systems which suits your Interactive Classroom from SunVote.SunVote Student Clicker, which is used in the classroom to help the teacher get i
  • Get the best Audience Response Systems which suits your event!
    In April 2018, a huge annual general meeting was ended successfully in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There were 6,000 participants, the number of shareholders voting was 3,500, they used SunVote electronic voting keypads to vote on the bill on the spot.
  • SunVote student response clickers is a great engagement tool during class
    Student response systems are instructional technologies that allow teachers to rapidly collect and analyze Student Responses to questions posed during class. SunVote response systems are typically used in the following manner. First, teacher poses a que
  • Within 10 minutes SunVote voting pad solved 3 hour counting problem
    At the end of September 2017, the Annual Shareholder Meeting of GreenStone Body in South Africa was successfully held in Johannesburg, South Africa. 250 shareholders held the SunVote voting pad and voted "yes / no / no abstain" for several resol
  • Why electronic voting keypads can get the favor of multinational corporations?
    Many multinational corporations have business in nearly 100 countries around the world, with millions of employees or marketing partners, regional annual meetings and product launches held regularly by enterprises. The scale is from hundreds to thousands
  • Application of Class Interactive Teaching System in Military Theory Course of Hunan University
    In Hunan University military theory classroom, students have a small green tool in hands. This tool can not only help fast roll call, but can also have an interactive response with teachers. Let’s have an experience on its role in class. In the class, onc
  • SunVote electronic voting system debut shareholders meeting, saving meeting time and effort!
    "The previous shareholders meeting, hundreds of shareholders spent most of the time to sign up, and spent a lot of time counting ballots by hand, resulting in excessive fatigue, so that can not concentrate on work .From the shareholders sign up for r
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