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  • Audience Voting Clickers Makes Shareholder Meetings Simple and Efficient!
    Application Scenario: resolution voting in shareholders meetingMeeting Title: Shareholder Meeting to a Wyndham HotelsVenue: ExpoGramado- City of Gramado State Rio Grande do Sul BrasilParticipants: Expected: 250, Check in: 21Meeting time: 5/6/2021Challenges…
  • Clicker Classroom Response System Improves Student Engagement, Attention and Learning Outcome!
    With the development of science and technology and the informatization of education, more and more electronic teaching equipment has entered k12 classrooms to help create smart interactive classrooms.As a popular teaching tool due to its advantages of good…
  • SunVote wireless student response system Helps Every Student Express Their Real Voice
    ChallengeEstablished in 1965, Cruzeiro do Sul Educational with 54 years history is the largest university education group in Brazil. Jone is a math teacher at Cruzeiro do Sul Educational, the largest university education group in Brazil with 54 years of hi…
  • The Best Assessment Tools for Mine Safety Training — Wireless Audience Response and Voting System
    Challenge:“The mining industry has facedsafety challenges for decades, and mine safety training has become an importantpart of keeping miners safe and healthy. Today, more and more laws require mineoperators to provide initial safety for all new mine work…
  • How to improve learning outcomes with student response system
    With the outbreak and fast spread of the covid-19 epidemic, most schools inIndia have closed, students learning at home has become a normal trend. This isalso a realistic choice for effectively preventing and controlling the epidemicand jointly maintaining…
  • Electronic Voting System Simplify Your City Council Voting and Election
    SunVote electronic voting system help to simplify your city council voting and election, optimize the voting procedure and speed up votes collection, improve the efficiency of the meeting .
  • Interactive Voting System Help 2,250 Participants of General Assembly of Judges Voting on 60 Bills
    SunVote interactive electronic voting system was used in Bulgarian general assembly of judges, 2,250 votes were 100% collected within 60 seconds,A total of 60 bills voting were completed during the meeting, and the council member was successfully elected.
  • Electronic voting system is a tool to improve the fairness and order of the shareholders' meeting
    The use of SunVote Electronic Voting System brought a new resolution experience to the shareholder meeting which can promote the order and fairness process of corporate resolutions more scientifically and rigorously.
  • E-voting system helps "Singer 2019": Bright night, witness the song king!
    This years "Singer" seems to be purer, and more challenging than in previous years. The electronic voting system produced by SunVote, interprets the persistence of every judge in the field, and witnesses the enthusiasm of each singer for music.
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